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Sooo, cold eyes when you’re stuck up
upon a bed of needless
long ways before you find what the hell you're looking for in life, life, life,
before you find what you are looking for in life

These days seem to be so easy
that all the matching pieces
resemble to match in the puzzle you're making out of your sight
some peers don’t understand it
some’ll tell you you’ll regret it
but you and only you're the person... you're the one who masters your own life

And in the end you’ll find
youuuuu have to listen to yourself

You’ll realize your life depends on you
has to be started inside yourself
before you look at your own shiny mind
a frog will remain in boiling water if she feels right

Do what you want to do, so let things go
you always wanted to go, now you feel insecure
when people die they regret not having followed their dreams

I simply want to go
need to feel no insecure
I just said hello
and I say bye, bye, bye

You're the one who masters your own life
you will have to listen to yourself
you don't want to go
I never needed reasons, no


from Stinkin' More Than Ever, released May 1, 2015




the NewOnes Grado, Spain

The New Ones surde nel añu 2007 en Grau, Asturias, cumu Straightforward. Editan 2 Ep's ya faen la so única minixira pol estáu español na primavera 2012 acompangandu a Minority of One. N'abril de 2014, Noel, ex-Brutus, entra por Ramón a la batería p'acabar grabandu la so cabera referencia, "Stinkin' more than ever" ya que sedrá editáu por Bicho Raro Records. ... more

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