Less whisper, more roar

by the NewOnes

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released July 16, 2013




the NewOnes Grado, Spain

The New Ones surde nel añu 2007 en Grau, Asturias, cumu Straightforward. Editan 2 Ep's ya faen la so única minixira pol estáu español na primavera 2012 acompangandu a Minority of One. N'abril de 2014, Noel, ex-Brutus, entra por Ramón a la batería p'acabar grabandu la so cabera referencia, "Stinkin' more than ever" ya que sedrá editáu por Bicho Raro Records. ... more

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Track Name: Our human relationships...
Go fuck yourselves
you think it's right but it's not for me
the enemy isn't myself
oh, why can't you see?

Our relationships
go downhill when humanity grows
I shit on this
will it be the same?

What's wrong with the world today?
Is it because of our selfishness?
It's true, reality is hard

You can see on the street
on the bus, on the air, in your neighbourhood
we're breaking gradually our bonds

We're withdrawing into ourselves
trying to find our piece of shit
communication doesn't flow
not in the way it should

We're losing our affective links
we don't speak, our feelings aren't shown
we are not able to see
what we have in our face

Losing time criticizing things
sitting in front of the computer screen
we've got used to this easy life

But we don't have the guts to
take the streets, save our minds
How to defend our rights?

They made us believe in an easy way
meanwhile our identity was stolen behind our backs
Where are we going to?
Where will this end?
It's hard to imagine something worse

Nothing but our walking sticks
it's what we'll get when we get old
we'll talk without interest
brainwashed, no way

We're living in a world in wich
nothing matters and rejects the unknown
it's all thought to poison our minds

It's not time to chill out
let's start today, so wake up
try to find your own way
Track Name: Less whisper, more roar
So, are you gonna stay?
Are you gonna stay?
Sat over there, once again

And, are you gonna wait?
Are you gonna wait for me to change the world?
For me to change

Ain't gonna get so pretty
I don't wanna tell you the fucking truth

And bad times are coming soon
and I don't need to tell you what to do

Get out of this place!
Everything is grey
Get out of this place!
Now I tell you what to do

Less whisper, more roar!
Track Name: Van(ity)
Four tires, smiles and friends
those are the things you need to enjoy the ride
those simple things, those are the things to enjoy your life

Let’s roll the window down
the wind blowing on your face
no matter where, no matter when, that's all we say

Roll your tongue around, roll the window down and
hold the steer tight!

We can scream out as loud as you want
while the wind blows on your face
your cheeks turn red and then turn grey

We wanna show you
why these things are important for us
why we pump ’em with our hearts

New people are waiting
new places, new faces to see.
Same feelings to share

straight to your heart!

If you hop on with us we will meet new friends
guys who will share everything they’ll be friends for life
friends for life, they’ll be friends for life

And we don’t care
we don’t mind if we run out of gas again
we’ve got all the time in the world

When you hop on the van
you will feel life had passed you by
looking at life through a glass
looking at life through

That’s all we say

Sleeping on the van, sleeping on the couch, sleeping around
Track Name: 28th birthday
There was a day that everything went wrong
a day with a strange atmosphere
I didn't have any plans
even though I was on my birthday

And I even lost control
today I still don't understand what the fuck was going on
and I lost control
even though it was only alcohol

My mistake was to think about driving my car
there was a moment that I thought: "don't do that"

And that day I went out alone
everyone had their own compromises
I wasn't going to do it, but in the end I went out
I wasn't going to do it, but I did it

When I was with my seventh drink
some Galician people with a homemade liquor appeared
"And where am I going?, where am I going?,
where am I going with a flat tire and so fuckin' drunk?

I didn't remember the action of
putting the fucking key on the ignition
and in the moment that I could focus my eyes
I saw a doll making signs to me

"Where is your license?"
I pointed out at the glove compartment and I said to him "Why don't you look for it?"
'cause I could hardly see
I ended up in jail